Our philosophy is simple – To establish and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients and to provide the best possible service to our clients at all times. To underline St George Property Agents as the foremost residential property managers in the district and to maintain a reputation within the real estate profession which will not be surpassed.

We are absolutely dedicated to the professional integrity and technical ability for all personnel in order to provide the highest level of ethical service to our clients. Property Management is far more than entrusting your investment property to a property manager to collect rent. The property management team at St George Property Agents treats each property like it’s our own.

We understand that the underlying purpose of purchasing an investment property is for long term security – in the safety of real estate that has traditionally provided a stable return over the years. St George Property Agents has created an environment in which this department will flourish by ensuring that the management of investment property is the total responsibility and concern of each and every staff member of the property department.

Our department is totally dedicated to:

  • Providing for our clients property management expertise, which will ensure establishment of long term business relationships beneficial to all parties.
  • Ensuring growth of individual staff members by providing them with ongoing training in every facet of real estate management.
  • Continuing to implement all relevant technological advances in order to provide our clients with the most up to date facilities for managing and maintaining their investments.

Tenant Selection

  • It is sometimes better to leave a property vacant than to enter into a tenancy agreement with an unsuitable tenant who does not meet our stringent criteria.
  • Selecting the right tenant is critical for your long term investment strategy. We maintain exceptionally high standards when it comes to selecting tenants to recommend to you.
  • We will conduct both Open for Inspections and private inspections and one of our team will personally greet prospective tenants at the door.
  • Stringent checks are conducted through nationwide databases and all previous rental, business and personal references are verified and employment details confirmed.
  • In the end you will be provided with a full breakdown of the best applicants and assistance in making the right decision.


Marketing is about building the perception of greater value and desire that will attract more people to your property and ultimately have it tenanted faster.

The tenant’s decision is based on desire and lifestyle, areas that we use to leverage appeal and create more enquiry, applicants and better rental returns.

Our marketing strategy is guaranteed to attract the right tenant for your property in the shortest possible timeframe, by ensuring your property is available to be viewed by all prospective tenants 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

Your property will be seen on:












With St George Property Agents, your property will not be advertised as a run-of-the-mill rental that blends in with all of the other agency listings. We work closely with a team of copywriters to ensure that your property is perfectly described to highlight its best features and increase appeal.

Wherever possible we will place a For Lease sign at the front of the property and prospective tenants on our database are also notified.

Our aim is to keep the vacancy factor of your property to a minimum.

Professional Images

Nothing is more critical to the successful marketing of any property for either rent or sale than high quality professional images.

With such a strong reliance on internet marketing, professional images will really make your property stand out in the crowd, putting your property right to the top of any tenant’s inspection list.

What’s more, the images stay on file and can be used again and again for the re-leasing of your property, making them a valuable investment.

St George Property Agents can provide a full professional photography service to fit any budget.

Protecting Your Income

Rental arrears … zero tolerance.

We take particular care and considerable time in our tenant selection process and as such we have minimised our rental delinquency level.

However, regardless of the care taken, occasionally tenants fall into arrears which could be due to a change in pay structure or employment or a change in other circumstances.

If this occurs, our strict set of procedures is instigated which includes telephone calls, SMS, email & letters sent to the tenants should they fall behind with their payments.

Upon instruction, a termination notice is served when a tenant falls 15 days into arrears. At expiration of this notice if the tenant fails to pay, an application is lodged with the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) seeking a hearing to recover outstanding rent and take possession of the property.


To ensure the financial security of your investment, we strongly recommend that you take out Landlords Insurance. Landlord insurance is specifically designed to protect you against rental delinquency, possible property damage or loss of rent. There are many insurers that now offer insurance products for landlords; however we advise that you look to insurers such as Terri Scheer who specialise in insurance for investment properties.

Please be aware that you may also require Building Insurance depending on your property type.

Routine Inspections

It is essential that a property be inspected regularly to insure that the tenant is maintaining it properly. Inspections are a vital part of our service as it allows us to keep an eye on your investment and to ensure your tenants are maintaining your property, as well as giving us an opportunity to identify the need for any maintenance as it arises. We will also recommend a rent review at this time if warranted. St George Property Agents guarantees that every rental property under our management will be internally inspected up to 4 times per year in accordance with legislation and inspected externally on a regular basis. You will receive a detailed inspection report for all internal inspections that include photos so that you can see the condition of your valued investment. We welcome you to be present at these inspections.

Smoke Alarm Legislation

Since 2006 when the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Smoke Alarms) Regulation 2006 came into effect, smoke alarms have been mandatory in all homes and other shared accommodation buildings where people sleep.

For a small fee Smoke Alarms Australia will take away all liability from you as an owner and ensure you are fully covered. Please visit the Smoke Alarms Australia website for more information at smokealarmsaustralia.com.au

Change of Personal Details

If you wish to change any of your personal details, such as your account details or postal address, we will need this in writing. Please email any changes to [email protected]

Selling Your Property

If you are interested in selling your investment property please call our office on 9580 0900 to speak to our Director and property expert, Michael Stojanovic.